Enjoy Florence and some great Tuscany Tours

By haui
In Europe
May 28th, 2017

Florence the capital of the region of Tuscany in Italy is also the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, a fantastic collection wonderful places to visit in and around the city is well worth a visit or even more then one if you have the time to do so. Now before we start a little word of caution this city and the surrounding places that you may visit are crowded with tourists these days so be forewarned and best avoid the main travel seasons. Florence can be easily reached from many European capitals by train and the Italian high speed trains are a wonder all by themselves reaching speeds of up to 300 Km/h they bring you fast to your destinations. Then there is the Florence’s Amerigo Vespucci international airport offering many international flights of you may choose the airport of Pisa that is served by many Low-cost airlines like Easyjet, Ryanair and others, Pisa airport and Florence are connected by rail and by bus. Then of course by car, Florence is connected by good highways, but be warned parking in the city can set you back around US $ 30.00 per night. There are a great many Hotels available in town try to find one in the center or old town to be where you can find everything in walking distance. I dont even want to start here and list all Hotels and the fantastic places you can visit in Florence for that best check out the list here at Wikitravel with many great tips for the city.

And now for the tours available from Florence. All these tours can be booked at most Hotels desks and many of the tour operators offer to pick you up a your Hotel and bring you to the place besides the train station where the buses depart. The tours are reasonable priced and surely you may fond some that will fit your budget. There are some varieties of combination of places you may visit depending on your interest and time. Some of the paces we like to mention and are real gems of the Toscany and surrounding areas are: San Gimignano and Siena in the Chianti region some of these tours include typical lunch and wine tasting of some of the regional delicacies. Then there is a tour to Pisa and Lucca and another that we highly recommend to Montalcino, Pienza and Montepulciano this last stop was one of my favorite places to visit in Tuscany. A little further away there is another tour available to Cinque Tere on the Mediterranean Rivera of Ital in the region called Liguria with its impressive landscapes with the picturesque and colorful villages along the rocky coastline. Some of the tour here include bus, train and ferry back to Portovenere another beautiful village to visit. Please study the brochures available in your Hotels Lobby carefully and choose the ones that most interest you. Of course there are also tour available in Florence itself some of the include Museum tickets so you can avoid the long lines to get in there.

Attached we show you a few images that can only offer a little glimpse to all the wonders Tuscnay has to offer with its lovley landscapes and old villages with all the beautiful renaissance buildings the hilltop fortresses and the wonderful atmosphere this magical part of Italy and its people represent.

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