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By haui
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Feb 11th, 2015

The Panama Canal’s alomst 80 Km waterway connects the Atlantic Ocean with the Pacific Ocean. Located on the Isthmus of Panama at the smallest strech of Central America between the 2 Oceans. Now many might cross the Panama Canal on one of the many cruise ships that frequent these waterways see the Panama Canal Cruise website for examples and many images of those ships or some visit Panama and have the opportunity to discover some of the many hidden gems that can be found around the Canal. Panama counts on a big international airport and serves as connecting airport for many international destinations, so reaching Panama is easy by air. The tourist industry in Panama offers many great deals as surely there is one in your price range available.


Some of the facts about the Panama Canal:

  • The Panama Canal was inaugurated on August 15 1914 and just celebrated its 100th anniversary.
  • The Panama Canal expansion is underway now and the new additional locks will accomodate even bigger ships.
  • The average toll for ships using the Canal is around 48,000.- US Dollars.
  • The Cruise Ship Princess Island and Coral Princess paid 226,194.25 US Dollars for each transit.
  • Richard Halliburton who swam the Canal in 1926 was charged 36 Cents.
  • The Canal is 50 miles long (80 kilometers).
  • A Ships needs an average of 10 hours per transit.
  • The Canal transports four percent of world trade (measured in long-tons) and 16 percent of total U.S. borne trade. Moreover, 68 percent of Canal traffic originates in or is destined for the United States.
  • Principal Canal Users (By Country): 1.United States, 2. People’s Republic of China, 3. Japan, 4. Chile, 5. South Korea, 6. Peru, 7. Canada, 8. Ecuador, 9. Colombia, 10. Mexico.


In the attached images we show some of the marvels that can be found around the Canal such as in the Gamboa area the Soberania National park a great place for hiking and birdwatching at the discovery center, tours from the Gamboa Rainforest resort to the monkey island for example, the Panama Canal Visitor Centers located in Gatun and Miraflores, the Fort San Lorenzo on the Atlantic coast, the Sumitt botanical garden and zoo, the Causeway and Panama City with the fantastic Biodiversity Museum and much more. And when ya done you can go to one of the many shopping malls in Panama that offer great bargains!

A great way to see the Canal is on the partial or complete transits of the smaller tourist boats that are offered or in the old classic passenger cars of the Panama Canal Railroad that lets you see the Canal closeup. For a little history of the Panama Canal for those interested please see this website.

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