How to clean the sunroom

If there is not enough time all the time, then think about a quick cleaning of your home. A little earlier we have already talked about how to quickly clean the kitchen, bathroom and toilet, and bedroom. Let’s talk today about how to clean the sunroom quickly. I don’t know about you, but such a sunroom is the place where our family spends most of their time. There’s a TV, computer, and creative space for drawing and sculpting and My son considers this room to be his own because he only sleeps in the bedroom. In general, this room is central in the house and you have to clean it much more often than even in the bedroom.

For quick cleaning of the sunroom, we will need it:

  • Rags (for dust, for windows, for polishing furniture) made of microfiber and/or dasting for dusting, as well as for dusting from the ceiling/chandelier, etc., a mop or a special nozzle for a vacuum cleaner;
  • Universal cleaning spray;
  • Furniture polish (with your own hands: mix 1 cup of 240 grams of olive oil and the floor of a cup of 120 grams of lemon juice);
  • Laundry basket or large container, bag or trash can;
  • Vacuum cleaner or mop for dusting the floor and carpet;
  • A window cleaning product.

Clean up the mess

Take a laundry basket or large container, run quickly through the room and collect all the things that (primarily) lying on the floor or should not be in the sunroom. Put everything in the basket. Agree that it is too long to collect one item each and carry it back to the place. A laundry basket will help you put everything together at the same time. And then you can run around the apartment and put all the things in their places. This will be much faster. Results are here and here

Wipe away all the dust at eye level.

Take a rag or duster for dusting (or you can even take 2 rags in each hand – no kidding) and wipe the dust at eye level (that is, the one you see. Leave everything else for general cleaning. If of course, you have more than 15-20 minutes, then attach the rag to the mop and swing the tops of cabinets, as well as the bottom of furniture and skirting boards.

Polish the wooden furniture and doors

Do not forget about the furniture when wiping the dust. Take the finished polish or make it yourself (see the recipe above) and rub the wooden furniture. Dull wooden furniture can sometimes be very noticeable. Do not forget about the different surfaces, sometimes it is not enough just to wipe the dust (especially on decorative elements of furniture or table surface), it is better to use an additional universal cleaner and rag.